xQc abruptly ends Twitch stream after warning fans “something’s wrong”

Jeremy Gan
xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

xQc abruptly ended his latest Twitch stream after hastily telling his fans that “something’s wrong”, leaving many of his viewers concerned for the hugely popular content creator. 

When it comes to xQc’s streams these days, they’re typically rather long. In fact, xQc was all but a pioneer for 12+ hour broadcasts when he first started his Twitch career. And throughout the years, he’s stuck to those roots, often live on Twitch longer than he’s offline in any given week. Thus, it is quite rare for him to abruptly end a stream. 

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Therefore when it does happen, it’s usually due to something significant. For instance, the last time xQc shut down his stream unplanned was when his former partner, Adept, came to his home to discuss personal matters off-camera. 

But for the latest instance during his most recent stream, there’s no quite telling yet what caused xQc to shut it all down without much of a heads-up.

Just past the five-hour mark into his May 15 stream, while watching viewer-recommended videos, xQc appeared stunned while looking at his monitor. In a flash, he stood up and left his streaming room with his phone in hand. 

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He would come back a few minutes later to tell his stream he needs to go off early. “Sorry chat, I have to end, something’s wrong,” he said rapidly. However, he didn’t end the broadcast there and then, but still let the current video he was watching play out in its entirety.

Roughly 18 minutes later, after the video ended, he came back to his stream to properly close it out. “Sorry about that, it’s been crazy, it is what it is though,” he said while closing the stream. Promising viewers he’ll be back streaming, either later into the day or tomorrow. 

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Viewers speculated what could have happened with xQc that led him into ending his stream early, with some suggesting it had to do with a recent Instagram story by Adept, one which showed her with a ring.

However, xQc never did confirm if it was about her, nor did he state the actual reasoning. Thus, do take the speculation with a grain of salt.

As for this eventual return, xQc would come back online 24 hours later for Twitch Rivals. And as per usual, xQc’s stream started off with him looking through r/LivestreamFail to see what new drama has bubbled up in the streaming space.

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As he looked through the subreddit, he skimmed past the clip of him ending his stream early. Saying of the clip, “Guys I’m not going to look at this” as the clip showed on his stream.

“Guys, if I can’t explain, if I cannot explain, then there’s no point,” he said. “It will all make sense in the end, I promise.”

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