xQc defends Twitch streamers who don’t follow trends: "That's what makes things great" - Dexerto

xQc defends Twitch streamers who don’t follow trends: “That’s what makes things great”

Published: 2/Aug/2021 8:28 Updated: 2/Aug/2021 8:29

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel defended Twitch streamers who don’t follow metas and trends on the platform, claiming that trying new things and playing what you love is the “basis” of streaming and “makes things great.”

Twitch streamers follow metas and trends from time to time. For example, Among Us gained traction around July 2020 and peaked in September 2020, averaging more than 200,000 viewers across 5,000 channels daily.

It even got to the point where streamers teamed up with celebrities like Alexandria ‘AOC’ Ocasio-Cortez, Doja Cat, and Jimmy Fallon to play the game. However, since then, everyone has moved on, and as a result, the game’s viewership has plummeted.


However, xQc believes having the courage to stream what you want and when you want is what “makes things great.” He explained it’s not about following trends to try and be “number one.”

Instead, he said, it’s about “having the courage to try something new.”

Among Us trended hard on Twitch for many months before finally going stale.

“That’s what the basis of streaming is. It’s what makes things great,” he said. “If you have the courage to try something new and invest time into it, and you enjoy doing it… it doesn’t matter. It’s about sharing something with others.”

“It’s not about the people who are number one, getting all the trends and following all the trends. Nobody cares about this. [It’s about] the people that try to do new things and people exploring unchartered territories. It is what makes streaming what it is.”


He also explained that people who do that are the ones who create the trends in the first place. “There would not be anybody getting into these trends… if it wasn’t for [them],” he said. “It’s why streaming is always ahead of videos in terms of new, original waves of metas.”

Of course, it’s only his opinion. Many other streamers have no qualms about following trends, especially if it boosts viewership and creates enjoyable content for their fans.

However, it’s an interesting take on the matter and a good insight into why xQc likes to walk to his own beat when it comes to the games he streams.