What is the viral ‘first drink vs last drink’ TikTok trend?

. 27 days ago
Man participating in first drink last drink TikTok trend
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TikTokers are loving a new trend that sees users documenting their friends and family’s first and last drinks of the night, with hilarious results.

TikTok users love a good trend, and every week there are countless new viral phenomena that take over people’s For You Page, whether that be a simple dance challenge, or a bizarre new food & drink hack.

People also love to get their friends and family involved in whatever TikTok video they’re making, and large events such as weddings are the perfect opportunity to take part in certain challenges.

The latest trend to sweep the app is the ‘first drink vs last drink’ trend, which as the name suggests, shows clips of people when they’re drinking their first alcoholic beverage of the night, and when they’re drinking their last.

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One of the most viral videos so far has been from TikTok user Nieve Jones, who decided to document how drunk the attendees at a wedding got, and viewers absolutely loved the results. In some cases, the difference between the start and the end of the night was drastic, making the hilarious video go viral across the internet.

On TikTok, the original video has 1.2 million likes and over 9 million views, and a repost of the clip on Twitter even went on to get an additional 128,000 likes and 4.5 million views.

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Naturally, people have been inspired by the video, and many have decided to make their own versions of it, with some of these videos going on to get millions of views in their own right.

TikTok has seen a whole host of interesting trends in recent weeks, with things like the tortilla slap challenge and the incredibly viral Binley Mega Chippy trend taking over people’s For You Page and garnering millions of views and likes.

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