Kai Cenat threatens to leave Twitch if he gets banned again

Kai-Cenat-threatens-to-leave-Twitch-after-one-more-banTwitch: KaiCenat

Streaming icon Kai Cenat has threatened to leave Twitch if he receives another ban from the platform following his most recent seven-day suspension.

Kai Cenat is one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch right now. The broadcaster went viral earlier this year due to his 30-day subathon in February, and even took home Streamer of the Year at the 2023 Streamer Awards.

Despite his record-breaking subathon and overall popularity as a content creator, viewers have long thought the streamer has been treated unfairly by Twitch — especially after the site sent him a pair of custom sneakers instead of an exclusive contract following his viral subathon.

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These feelings only ramped up after Kai received a sudden, seven-day suspension in April, reportedly as a result of showing “simulated sexual activity” during a GTA RP stream.

kai cenat kickTwitch: KaiCenat
Kai Cenat is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers – but he might not stay on the platform for long.

Rumors have persisted that Kai might be eyeing a move to Kick for some time now, and these only intensified after his ban. Now, the streamer has openly threatened to jump ship following his latest suspension.

Kai Cenat says he’ll leave Twitch after one more ban

During a joint broadcast with fellow streamers BruceDropEmOff and YourRage on April 30, Kai appeared to hint that he’d leave Twitch “for good” if he gets banned once more.

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“I feel like if I get banned one more time, I’m off the f*ckin’ platform for good,” he said.

“You’re the Golden Boy of Twitch right now, they love you,” YourRage retorted.

“I’m never the Golden Boy,” Kai shot back. “You know who the Golden Boy is. It’s a lot of Golden Boys out there.”

This latest conversation follows multiple attempts from Adin Ross to get Kai Cenat over on Kick. Adin notably called Kai to discuss his streaming options following his most recent ban, telling the star streamer, “you’re worth more than that.”

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For now, it’s unclear where Kai intends to make his home if he does receive another ban from Twitch — but he’s got options in front of him if he chooses to leave.

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