xQc explains why Kai Cenat’s Twitch ban can’t be for bike crash rumor

xqc sipping tea at the start of a twitch streamTwitch: XQC

Kai Cenat, the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time, has been banned from Twitch. As fans try to find out why, xQc has chimed in insisting that it can’t be for the bike crash that some are blaming.

Popular streamer Kai Cenat hit with a surprise ban from Twitch on April 17, causing confusion in the streaming community. As usual, Twitch doesn’t reveal the ban reason publicly, even though they do inform the streamer.

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Some fans have speculated that his ban was due to an incident where Cenat crashed a dirt bike into his streaming setup. The crash cut the video entirely leaving viewers with just audio and a black screen.

A couple of years back Twitch streamer Jinnytty received a ban from the platform for a similar reason after obstructing two other bikers and running a red light on a scooter.

Giving his thoughts on the topic, xQc has insisted that Kai’s Twitch ban can’t be for “anything big,” as some others are claiming. More specifically, xQc isn’t convinced the ban has anything to do with Kai’s bike crash accident.

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“Operating a motor vehicle on private property is fine you can do whatever the f**k you want,” xQc said, though, he wasn’t able to point to a specific reason for the ban.

Elaborating further on his point xQc continued: “You can drive your own car in a parking lot that you own because it’s private property. You don’t even need a license, I’m pretty sure. It’s the same rules for your house. You can drive anything in your house if you want to.”

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One response to the video hypothesized the real reason Kai got banned: “He got banned because he liked Kick’s shoes more than Twitch it’s obvious.”

Another user questioned what Twitch is trying to achieve with its approach to banning streamers: “Banning Twitch streamers without giving reason to just unban serves no purpose without telling the reason, there is no lesson to be learned.”

As noted, Twitch isn’t going to reveal the reason, even though they’ve informed the streamer of what it is. It’ll be up to him to reveal it, if he can.

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