xQc claims Adept has taken his baby pictures and other personal belongings

Alice Sjöberg
xQc streaming on Twitch alongside Instagram picture of Adept

xQc claims his former partner Adept took his personal baby photos and other important photos from his home. It comes a day after Adept posted some cryptic photos of him sleeping on her Instagram.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of Twitch’s most-followed streamers. After rising to fame as an Overwatch pro, he’s now one of the biggest names in the streaming world.

But over the past several months, xQc’s split from former partner Adept has become a major talking point among his millions of viewers. The two notably broke up amid a fiery argument last year, and things have been escalating ever since.

xQc gave his fans a tour of his old house on Twitter. But people couldn’t help but notice the flashing police cars outside the house.

Possibly referring to the police presence outside, xQc sarcastically captioned the post: “HERE’S THE AWAITED HOUSE TOUR! I LOVE OWNING A NICE HOUSE AND BEING ABLE TO LIVE IN IT PEACEFULLY!”

xQc claims Adept took his sentimental baby photos

Just a day after the house tour video, xQc told his Twitch followers that he had baby pictures and some important life documents go missing.

“I was just tryna take some pics. only a few things were missing. it is what it is. just sucks I lost baby pictures and some of my important life documents but whatever,” xQc said in his offline chat.

He explained in his Twitch chat: “My mom sent me 5 pictures every holiday pretty much, I kept them in one spot. after a while, it amounted to like 50 pictures. I left them under the phone cabinet. All gone, wiped clean.”

He went on to say: “Two transparent boxes full of important old stuff is missing. out of almost everything. a couple other things. I was there 5 days ago and was going through them. I left it there and thought “I know where it’s at, im not gonna move it.”

Replying to someone in the chat, xQc wrote: “What can I do? In the last 8 months I realized that some things in life are just completely fucked up. Fucked up people can do things and that will label them as fucked up, but that’s about it. It’s just the way it goes.”

Fans believe this is a reference to his relationship with Adept ending in September 2022, about eight months before these photos and documents went missing.

Leaked documents also revealed that xQc is prohibited from discussing the topic on stream. This is why fans often have to speculate what has happened.

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