xQc addresses cryptic Adept photos after “house tour” video leaves fans concerned

xqc-concerns-fans-house-tour-police-car-adeptYouTube, Twitter: xQc

Twitch star xQc showed off his home in a “house tour” video on Twitter — but fans were left worried when the end of the video showed a police car outside with its lights on, and even more concerned after ex-partner Adept posted some cryptic photos to Instagram.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of Twitch’s most-followed streamers. As such, the French-Canadian broadcaster’s personal life is of great interest to his fans… especially his love life.

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Over the past several months, xQc’s split from former partner Adept has become a major talking point among his viewers. The two notably broke up amid a fiery argument last year, and things have been escalating ever since.

In fact, Adept claimed that she was married to Lengyel for three years in a Twitch stream on May 31 — despite an alleged court order preventing her ex from discussing the breakup on stream.

That’s not all; xQc abruptly ended a broadcast on June 6, with many fans speculating that Adept had possibly shown up at his home without warning.

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Now, these rumors are reaching a fever pitch thanks to a video the streamer posted on Twitter the very next day.

xQc’s “house tour” concerns fans as police car is spotted outside

In the video, xQc took his fans on a “house tour,” showing off all the rooms in his large home… but the caption was throwing some viewers off.


His caption made more sense once fans peeped the end of the video, which showed xQc walking outside his home into his front yard. Although it was dark outside, a police car could be seen parked on the other side of the street with its lights flashing.

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In addition, it looked like two people and a police officer having a conversation outside his doorstep, causing some viewers to think that an incident had taken place… potentially, something to do with Adept.

“I’m heading out,” xQc says to the officer as he walks down the sidewalk out of his yard. “Thank you for helping out.”

xQc explains confusing Instagram photos posted by Adept

That was far from the end of the drama, though. Mere hours later, fans noticed that xQc’s ex, Adept, had posted photos of a ring and seemingly some with xQc to her Instagram stories with no captions.

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adept-instagram-story-xqcInstagram: adept
Adept posted a series of photos showing off a ring and seemingly taken with xQc as he slept.

The pics confused fans, and xQc offered some clarification in another tweet.

“There’s a reason everything is being posted in such a cryptic way,” he explained. “Cars were going around the house, neighbors told me. Then I got a call, pleading for me to be there for ‘safety.’ Like a b*tch, I caved in and slept in my own bed. Pics taken while I’m still sleeping. Fun times.”

It seems that, based on his tweet, Adept called him to the house for ‘safety’ reasons as cars were going up and down the street. He then slept in his own bed, where Adept may have taken the photos while he was unaware.

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Fans are still expressing concern for the streamer as his relationship issues continue to plague his broadcasts.

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