xQc baffled by Pokimane video doing viral TikTok trend

xqc and pokimaneTwitch: xQcOW/TikTok: Pokimane

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left scratching his head after trying to understand one of Pokimane’s most popular TikToks, with his fellow streamer doing the viral ‘Mask Off’ trend.

xQc is one of the biggest names in Twitch, always topping viewership and subscriber charts, second only to Kai Cenat at the time of writing when it comes to English-language streamers.

He’s clearly tapped into something that really resonates with thousands of young people as they search for entertainment online, and he’s one of the best at doing so.

One form of entertainment for young people that he hasn’t managed to tap into, however, is TikTok, as shown in this clip from his Twitch stream on October 11.

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While watching Pokimane doing the Mask Off TikTok trend, you could see the confusion on xQc’s face as he tried to decipher what was happening.

It was only made worse when he was asked how Pokimane removed her glasses with neither of her hands free, with the usually talkative xQc left literally lost for words.

“One hand’s on her phone, and one hand’s on the … I don’t know,” he said, thinking intensely trying to figure out what was going on in the video.

This came at the end of a short session of watching Pokimane TikToks, reacting to them, and giving his criticism or thoughts on the different trends and content that she has posted to the platform.

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Recently, xQc admitted that joking about sniffing Pokimane’s chair was “kind of f**ked”.

He also expressed his frustration with comments made by Andrea Botez at TwitchCon, who he called “annoying,” after she joked about him only streaming gambling.