xQc admits joke about sniffing Pokimane’s chair was “kind of f**ked”

pokimane and xqc on twitch streamsTwitch: Pokimane, xQcOW

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has admitted that joking about sniffing fellow streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’ chair was “kind of f**ked” and “pretty weird,” advising viewers not to imitate his actions.

In late September, a clip went viral of xQc leaning forward after being egged on by his chat, and pretending to sniff Pokimane’s chair through his camera.

This came shortly after xQc called out sexual harassment on Twitch, which many online said was hypocritical.

Before long, Pokimane herself had seen the clip, and was clearly not a huge fan of it, looking disgusted and saying “ew” before letting out a laugh.

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Now, a few days later, xQc has admitted that it might not have been the best idea.

“I looked off-stream at the sniffing chair joke… Guys, I take it back,” he said. “That was kind of f**ked. It was pretty weird. I was on no sleep. I’m not going to lie to you chat, it was pretty weird. Don’t emulate that behavior, chat. It was kind of weird.

“It was fine, [but] not really. Not really. I know her kind of well, and it kind of passes, it’s me, but I get it’s a joke, but people watching don’t, they want to emulate that kind of behavior. Don’t f**king do that.”

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Needless to say, xQc clearly regrets doing what he did, concerned about the effect it may have on viewers thinking that that kind of behavior is acceptable.

While some of his chat may have found it funny in the moment, they shouldn’t expect moments like that to happen too often.

Throughout recent weeks, xQc also lost his spot at the top of the Twitch charts, as Kai Cenat reached the incredible 100,000 subscriber milestone, making him the number 1 most-subscribed English streamer on Twitch currently, and by some distance.