xQc reveals someone was secretly using his credit card without him knowing

Twitch: xQc

Twitch superstar xQc just revealed on stream that someone has been secretly using his credit card without his knowledge, and he is not happy about it. 

Twitch’s very own self-described ‘Juicer’ has long been the reigning king of streaming on the platform, and that of course means he’s fairly well off. From losing half a million in bets to gambling away a nine-figure sum on Twitch, he’s been quite public in his recent spending habits. However, not all of his expenditure seems to be coming from his own actions.

At the start of a regular daily stream, xQc usually sits down for an hour and talks to his chat. Generally updating fans on what’s going on, what he plans to do on stream, or simply just reacting to videos sent by viewers. During his February 27 broadcast, however, he focused in on a new discovery, one not particularly pleasant.

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xQc wanted to purchase something online, so he had to log in to his bank account. And it was then he discovered several charges on his credit card which he seemingly had no idea where they came from. 

He discussed this revelation on stream, explaining how he “logged into [his] bank account and [had] a bunch of charges on [his] credit card, from f***ing nowhere.” 

“Just a bunch of s*** from f***ing nowhere,” he continued, clearly quite upset. “Brother! Hello?!”

He never did reveal how much was spent, nor where the purchases were made. But at the end of the anecdote, as his chat went wild at the story, he said, “chill yo, it’s all fine, don’t worry.”

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Clearly not too heartbroken about the suspicious charges, it appears things are now under control with xQc’s credit card. Exactly how someone accessed his details or who the culprit was all remain a mystery for now but we’ll be sure to update you here with any further details.