Woman’s car gets stolen while delivering wedding cake but she still arrives on time

Dylan Horetski
TikToker car stolen

A wedding cake designer on TikTok has gone viral after revealing her car was stolen right after she loaded up a customer’s cake. Luckily, she still made it to the wedding with a cake on time.

One of the hardest parts of being a wedding cake designer by far is having to get the finished product to the future newlyweds on their special day.

In southern areas like Texas, however, this may mean that the baker has to leave their car running when stepping away from their vehicle — even for just a second.

Unfortunately for Anita Nguyen, leaving her car running led to a couple of teenagers stealing her car right after she placed a customer’s cake inside.

Womans car gets stolen with wedding cake inside

Uploaded on May 22, 2023, Anita’s video has been viewed nearly three million times and has received nearly 10,000 comments.

“Come with me to not only get my car stolen, but also the wedding cake I had just made,” she explained. “Unless y’all have delivered wedding cake in the Texas heat, do not come at me for needing to keep my car on.”

“I go inside for one minute to grab my water and my lunch, and these two little sh*theads see my car running. At this point, I’m walking out the door and I do see the boys hopping in my car.”

Anita’s friend is a police officer, who kept her updated on the search for her car. “They found the car about three hours later,” she explained.

The baker went on to reveal that the cake had been smashed but brought it back to the bakery and got it all fixed up within 30 minutes.

“They did have a backup plan but I was determined to get there. I hauled ass and got there at six o’ clock right as the ceremony started,” she added.

Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on Anita’s situation, with many just giving her kudos for making it to the ceremony on time despite the situation.

Anita’s story is just the latest wedding-related viral video. Back in April, a bride went viral after having just one too many drinks during the reception.