Bride goes viral after blacking out at her own wedding after too many drinks

Virginia Glaze
Bride goes viral for blacking out at wedding reception

A bride is taking TikTok by storm after sharing her blacked-out wedding night with her followers, showing that she didn’t exactly get to enjoy the end of her reception after drinking too much.

Weddings are a celebration of love and the joining of families — but sometimes, these festivities can go a little overboard.

In fact, quite a few weddings have gone viral on social media sites like TikTok after celebrations went too far, like the time a groom punched one of his guests who got a little too tipsy and ended up destroying his wedding cake.

The latest wedding to take over TikTok is decidedly less violent, but still jaw-dropping, nonetheless.

Bride goes viral for blacking out at wedding reception

Like many modern brides, newlywed influencer Mackenzie Grimsley shared snippets of her wedding day to husband Braden with her viewers on TikTok. In her videos, she showed off her dazzling white dress, the moment she sealed her vows with a kiss, and of course, the reception.

However, Grimsley’s afterparty may have gotten a bit too turnt. In a clip detailing all the “non-traditional things” she did at her wedding, one of them was blacking out after drinking too much and eventually passing out while hugging the toilet bowl.

Grimsley shared a series of photos from the unfortunate turn of events in a video that’s racking up millions of views, showing the progression of her drunkenness throughout the night — from passing out on the toilet to being ushered out of the venue by her hubby and friends.

Possibly the best moment of the evening, though, was captured in her husband’s face, with many commenters saying he looked like he’d gone in way over his head.

“Mans looks STRESSED,” one commenter joked.

“Braden’s like, ‘Damn, didn’t think I was gonna have to deal with the through sickness vow so fast,'” another wrote.

“I just wanna know what Braden was thinking in that pic,” yet another said.

Mackenzie created a follow-up video explaining how she’d gotten so tipsy, saying that she had eaten a ton of food throughout the day and even paced herself when it came to drinks, even guzzling water between shots… but that she may have drank a lot more than she thought she did.

“Apparently, I was taking way more shots than I thought I was taking. I literally couldn’t tell you,” she said. “All I remember is being perfectly fine, and then I vaguely remember being like, ‘Oh shit, I’m about to be really f*cked up.”

Luckily, she only missed the last thirty minutes of her reception before being carried away by her entourage. Talk about a wedding to remember! (Or not, in Mackenzie’s case.)

This is just the latest wedding to go viral on TikTok after one couple’s wedding invitation sparked backlash for asking guests to pay for their own meals.

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