Woman turns parking lot into demolition derby after carjacking goes viral

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A woman in California turned a local parking lot into a demolition derby after attempting to steal a car that had an anti-theft device installed.

As social media becomes increasingly more prevalent, sharing and discovering some of the world’s wildest moments has become more accessible.

From a bride blacking out at her own wedding to Taylor Swift fans going viral with their “foul” dance moves, you never know what you’ll come across.

On April 2, 2023, a video went viral on Twitter showing a woman damaging a large handful of cars in a parking lot after attempting to steal a car that had an anti-theft device installed.

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Woman turns parking lot into demo derby

In the parking lot of a store in Los Angeles, California, a woman attempted to steal a person’s car just seconds after stealing her purse.

After getting the vehicle started, the carjacker began running into a large handful of other cars in the parking lot as she struggled to steer the sedan.

According to a report from an NBC station local to the incident, the car had an anti-theft device attached to the steering wheel causing her to not be able to turn it very easily.

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Luckily for the owners of all the damaged vehicles, bystanders were able to remove the thief from the car and place her under citizen’s arrest until the police showed up to arrest her.

According to the report, two people were hurt and treated at the scene of the woman’s escapades.

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