Instacart driver gets car stolen and still delivers order in viral video

Kawter Abed
Instacart driver trying to deliver order

An Instacart driver went viral on TikTok after her car was stolen and she still tried to deliver the customer’s order.

In a viral clip posted by TikToker Semaria (_iluvmaree,) a delivery driver could be seen walking up to her mom’s porch at night.

The Instacart shopper walked up to the front door as the woman inside the house was heard saying, “Get the f**k away from my door.” The shopper then asked, “Is this for Instacart?” before the woman replied “No,” leading the driver to apologize and walk away.

The shopper then looked up from the porch to the balcony and began explaining to Semaria’s mother how her car was stolen. “No, I just got out of the car and some dude just ran up to us, took our car, and we came out,” she told her.

She also explained how she was getting the order out of the back of the car, when the carjacker ran up and got inside the vehicle, and drove off after her boyfriend got out. The driver said she didn’t lock her car because she was about to “get right back in.”

The TikToker provided more context to the video in a follow-up clip, explaining her mom’s side of the story. According to Semaria, her mom placed an order on Instacart at 10:30 pm, and around midnight, decided to cancel it after the order was delayed for nearly two hours.

An hour later, the mother said she heard “a commotion” outside her home, and a woman saying, “Are you f**king serious?” followed by the sound of a car speeding off. Semaria’s mom then stepped onto her balcony where she heard a man say that he got robbed. The police arrived shortly after.

This is when the Instacart driver showed up on their doorsteps, attempting to deliver the mother’s order. According to Semaria, the shopper’s car broke down at the Walgreens where they had placed the order.

After getting a jump from someone, the driver decided to still drop off the canceled order, and the carjacking event occurred shortly after she arrived to deliver it.

Semaria’s mom concluded the video by hitting back at critics who called her “rude,” sharing how she offered the shopper and her boyfriend a lift to get home and also allowed them to use her restroom.

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