Bride goes viral as the internet can’t stop roasting her wedding food

Screenshots of bride eating at weddingTikTok: TheFitFatale

A bride has gone viral on TikTok as the internet has been pretty brutal about the food she ate at her wedding, with many saying she should have let her hair down a bit. 

Over the last few years, social media users haven’t been afraid of sharing stuff about their weddings. It’s their big day and, sometimes, they’ll go with a unique theme, take stunning photos that catch the eye of social media, or keep the whole thing under wraps so they can surprise family and friends with a viral video.

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Naturally, there have been a few horror stories shared as well, especially when it comes to things like inviting guests and them wearing similar outfits to the bride and groom

Though, in the case of TikToker Sam Cutler (TheFitFatale), she had a pretty perfect wedding planned out – right down to the food she was eating throughout the day. 

Fitness TikToker goes viral as viewers roast her wedding day food

The TikToker, who does focus on fitness and lifestyle content, naturally went with some healthy choices for her wedding day – including a set of juices, a veggie platter, sugar-free cakes, and low-sugar drinks. 

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It completely fit her lifestyle, but, the video has gone viral across TikTok in a different way, as many of the 4.6 million viewers have roasted Sam’s choices and questioned why she didn’t have a cheat day for her wedding day. 

“Oh I’m shoving my face & taking shots of tequila on my wedding day,” said one viewer. “I’d be so hungry at this wedding. Def leave early and hit up Maccas (McDonalds) drive-through on the way home,” commented another. “Girl it’s one day you can have sugar,” added another. 

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The TikToker did follow-up on the video with another two addressing some of the hate, including one that documented the full menu for guests. 

Sam noted that the couple did have an “inclusive” menu after surveying guests about their dietary restrictions, and while she may have eaten pretty healthily, the guests were not “forced” to follow her. 

The clips have also been shared across Twitter and other social media sites, with plenty of viewers also being a bit baffled by it all.

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