Woman in tears after tattoo artist ‘botches’ design: “Literally stuck with this”

Woman in tears after tattoo artist ‘botches’ design: “Literally stuck with this”TIKTOK: user8171938461618394

A hysterical woman left viewers divided on TikTok, after claiming that her tattoo artist didn’t give her the design she wanted.

In a viral video with 2.4 million views, the TikToker filmed herself crying after getting a rather large ‘botched’ tattoo inked onto her back.

“When your tattoo is nothing like you asked for and it’s huge,” she wrote in a text-overlay on the clip. “The butterfly looks like it was out of a cartoon book, a coloring book.”

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“The flowers are so big! I’m literally stuck with this f**king thing for the rest of my life,” she wailed between sobs. “It looks nothing like the picture. I don’t know what to do.”

Many TikTok users criticized the content creator for approving the permanent tattoo before having it inked onto her skin.

“I don’t get how people get bad tattoos like they literally do a stencil and ask you if you like it,” one user commented. “They stencil it and put it on you and ask yes or no, so who’s at fault here?” another wrote.

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Others expressed how “sorry” they felt for her, and asked the TikToker how she got herself into such a predicament.

In a follow-up, the unnamed woman claimed she showed the artist an Instagram photo of what she wanted: A tattoo of dainty flowers and a butterfly climbing up the right side of her back.

Since she couldn’t see her own back, the artist showed her a photo of the stencil and said he needed to “make it my own,” turning away the original design.

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“I cried the whole way home, it was like a 40-minute drive,” she recalled, before showing a photo of the tattoo on her back. “I was dramatic.”

Most commenters loved the design, and told her that shading might make her feel differently.

“I feel like it looks better then the picture, just add shading,” one user wrote. “Ok I thought it was going to be awful. It looks good!” another added.

In another video, the TikToker admitted the “tattoo fail” was her fault, as she didn’t scrutinize the artist’s sketch more. She also vowed to get the inking “fixed.”

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This is just the latest tattoo-related video to take off on TikTok. Back in November, a woman went viral after getting her cheating partner’s face tattooed on her cheek.