Cop hits woman with Rock Bottom finishing move in viral parking lot brawl

cop rock bottoms woman in viral brawlTwitter/FightHaven

A cop is going viral for hitting a woman with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s WWE finishing move during a fight in a parking lot.

A parking lot beatdown is making waves on social media after a group of women faced off and one even ended up getting hit with a Rock Bottom by a cop in the middle of the fight.

WWE finishing moves are as iconic as some anime attacks and one cop is showing exactly why in a viral fight clip that has wrestling fans impressed.

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In the bout uploaded to Fight Haven, multiple girls started getting into a physical altercation, but the madness really began after a police officer got involved.

Cop destroys woman with Rock Bottom in viral melee

As the groups of women engaged in mini skirmishes throughout the parking lot with hair being pulled and punches being thrown, one girl knocked another down, resulting in a cop laying the smackdown.

Moments after the knockdown, the cop picked up the female and slammed her down onto the ground with a move near-identical to The Rock Bottom.

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Amazingly, cash exploded from the woman’s body as she hit the ground, resulting in those observing to cry out in delight.

Meanwhile, other girls continued to pound each other as the brouhaha continued, but it’s doubtful that many were expecting to see WrestleMania in the parking lot when they drove up.

Since being uploaded, the chaotic battle has been viewed over 1.2 million times and counting, showing that cops using WWE finishing moves is a must-see event.

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By contrast, a man dubbed the ‘Real-life Undertaker’ also went viral when he took on eight people at once in a gas station rumble.

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