Viral bar brawl ends in disaster after woman gets run over by car

woman gets run over in viral bar brawlTwitter/FightHaven

A brutal brawl outside of a bar is going viral after a woman was run over by a car during the heated battle.

We’ve all probably seen a movie bar fight or two in our lives, but a real-life beatdown outside a pub may be crazier than anything from Hollywood.

In a clip that’s going viral on Twitter, a crowd of around fifteen people and ten women began rumbling as they exited the bar with seemingly everyone fighting with a dance partner.

As the groups began to separate, one blonde girl was being kicked on the ground when someone got into a car and proceeded to back up onto her.

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Woman gets run over in massive bar fight

Right as someone backed up onto the seemingly knocked-out woman, panic erupted and everyone stopped throwing punches.

“You’re running her over!” someone yelled as the vehicle hit the unsuspecting girl.

The driver was soon confronted by yet another fighter who tried to get in and attack them, but she had to be restrained.

By the end, the woman who was run over had to be helped up, but luckily everyone else seemed to recognize that the situation escalated way too far.

It’s not clear when the melee happened or if anyone was severely injured, but the FightHaven Twitter page says the battle took place in Pennsylvania. Since being posted, the clip has gone viral, amassing over 1.3M views in just one day.

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This is just the latest in a long line of fights to go viral recently. In 2023 so far, we’ve seen a Taco Bell become a warzone, a 8-vs-1 gas station smackdown, and a woman start pistol-whipping a man in a restaurant.