Fighting game player throws punches IRL after losing at CEO 2023

Carver Fisher
fighting game player at CEO 2023 starts IRL fightDragon Ball FighterZ

A Dragon Ball FighterZ player at CEO 2023 started a fight after losing a match, resulting in him getting kicked out of the venue.

The year’s biggest fighting game events can get heated, especially considering that many of them are open bracket tournaments. With any player being able to sign up, that means that anyone could make it to the top and take the trophy.

However, the open bracket format also allows for anyone to enter the tournament. For those who are used to winning locals or online matches can hit a wall once they’re up against the very best.

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One Dragon Ball FighterZ player couldn’t handle the loss and blew up at the venue, ultimately lashing out against his opponent and the cameraman filming the match.

DBFZ player tries to KO his opponent IRL at CEO 2023

At a tournament as large as CEO, the open bracket often contains hundreds of competitors for each title. Getting through the full bracket takes a while, and making a run to the top is something few players manage to do.

Most players in the fighting game community bow out respectfully after their loss. Giving your opponent a handshake or a fist bump is standard, and most players are respectful and take their loss with grace.

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However, one DBFZ competitor at CEO 2023 didn’t take his loss very well.

The player could be seen slamming the desk, throwing his headphones, and breaking his own fight stick after the loss, followed by him taking a swing at the camera man. Spectators stopped him before a fight could break out and calmed him down.

“He’s just a kid, he’s literally 16, like let him leave.” said one of the people who broke up the fight. “So just because he’s 16 he gets to hit someone?” another replied. Though there was argument as to whether letting him walk was justified, there doesn’t seem to have been any physical confrontation beyond the original punch he tried to throw.

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The camera man has since given his account of the situation, claiming that the angry contestant threw both his bag and the chair at him but that he wasn’t injured.

This competitor has since been kicked out of the tournament, with CEO’s CEO Jebailey commenting that players should “keep the fighting in the games please.”

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