Wife goes viral pranking husband with emergency nuclear annihilation warning

husband pranked by nuclear war in viral tiktokTikTok/golf_girl21/Pixabay

A wife is going viral on TikTok after pranking her husband by playing a nuclear missile warning on their television, causing him to freak out.

Pranks can make for some of the funniest TikToks, but this one may be the cruelest yet.

In a clip making rounds on the platform, user ‘golf_girl21’ played a video on her TV of an emergency alert system claiming that nuclear missiles were about to strike the United States.

According to the fake “alert,” missiles were headed for eight cities across the US and would be striking in just twenty minutes, causing the husband to get on his phone to warn others.

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“You seeing this?!” he asked the individual he called. “The US is under nuclear attack by Russia Missiles are going to hit! It’s on the TV right now.”

As he tried to explain the situation, the man’s wife and others in the room couldn’t hold in their laughter and burst out giggling, causing the husband to snap.

“Sarah, this better not be a f**king joke!” he screamed as the video came to a shocking end.

Wife responds after nuclear war prank goes viral on TikTok

Despite the viral clip amassing over 3 million views, golf_girl21 disabled comments on it, leading others to ask for part 2 in one of her golf uploads.

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“I can’t stop laughing at the last video,” one remarked. “Y’all got him so good.”

“We want the rest of that prank video,” another demanded.

tiktok nuclear war prank responseTikTok
There won’t be a second part to the nuclear war prank.

Sadly, according to golf_girl21, there won’t be another part to that story and for good reason.

“I’m sorry. The ending of the video is the real ending because he got genuinely mad,” she explained.

Unfortunately, viewers will just have to imagine what happened after the video ended, but if his reaction was anything to go by, he was pretty furious at the prank.