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Why TikTok’s viral Nutmeg Challenge is actually dangerous

Published: 16/Apr/2020 18:11

by Virginia Glaze


As one of the net’s most popular video platforms, TikTok boasts a huge userbase and a slew of viral dance challenges — but some of these challenges can be dangerous for unsuspecting participants.

Although TikTok is most famous for its dance videos, which users try to recreate in all manner of ways to capitalize off of ever-emerging trends, some challenges on the app are tasking creators with more than busting a move.

In fact, a recently-emerging trend on the application is raising some eyebrows, popularly dubbed the “Nutmeg Challenge.”

Trip To Pine, Wordpress.com
A viral TikTok challenge could have serious health implications for unsuspecting content creators.

This trend tasks users with mixing the spice in water, generally 3-4 tablespoons, and has been reported by TikTokkers to have “trippy” effects, with many users reporting hallucinations and the feeling of being “high.”

As it turns out, copious amounts of nutmeg can induce these symptoms, causing “tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, agitation, and hallucinations,” as reported by a study from The Netherlands Journal of Medicine.

@anthony.martiiif this doesn’t get blown up then i give up on tik tok ? i had a whole anxiety attack and a half ##foryou ##fyp ##nutmeg ##nutmegchallenge♬ Rhythm thief but cursed – .hacky

@ariannalikespicklesit was a science project mom ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##nutmeg ##nutmegchallenge ##crackhead ##scienceexperiments ##toosieslide ##helpme♬ Rhythm thief but cursed – .hacky

Despite having been a popular drug choice from as far back as the Crusades and even the 70’s hippie movement, consuming too much of the spice can be dangerous, with reports stating that the chemical myristicin found in nutmeg can even cause organ failure.

Nutmeg overdose has also been linked to death when taken with other drug combinations, with just 2 teaspoons of the spice being enough to induce myristicin’s hallucinogenic effects, as reported by studies from the Illinois Poison Center.

Although a popular spice, nutmeg can be dangerous in quantities over 2 teaspoons.

This isn’t the first dangerous trend to have made a home for itself on TikTok, either, with “the outlet challenge” also gaining popularity in the past, requiring users to drop quarters onto exposed prongs of a charger halfway plugged into a wall outlet.

With other internet-wide challenges also taking hold of the public consciousness, like the Tide Pod challenge or the Birdbox Challenge, it comes as little surprise that the most recent Nutmeg Challenge has also become popular in light of current world events cooping everyone up inside.

Considering its potentially deadly effects, it’s just not a good idea to “trip” on nutmeg — no matter how bored you are at home.


Pokimane releases her own Fedmyster document to “put drama to rest”

Published: 30/Nov/2020 2:01

by Theo Salaun


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has conclusively responded to recent leaks about OfflineTV drama from Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan. In her own extensive document, the popular streamer shares her side of the story with texts and other sources.

The drama surrounding Fedmyster and the OTV house bubbled, then simmered, then boiled back up with a thorough document which was leaked, then shared by Fedmyster to give his side of the story. 

Fed, who has been accused of numerous improprieties, used texts and messages to provide evidence of his perspective and show some humanity. In the end, he tried to clarify for the public that the matter was resolved: “We both made mistakes and have owned up to them privately. I hope everyone reading will try to move on from all this as we certainly have already.”

But Poki immediately appeared perturbed by the leaked document, which included flirtatious messages between them as a means of demonstrating that Fed had been led on. In a brief Twitch stream, she noted Fed’s “manipulative” behavior and discomfort with private messages being leaked publicly.

Now, she’s gone a step further and shared her own doc to share her side of things and hopefully shut down any more need for gossip.

pokimane denies fedymster leaked document claims says sent admission guilt
Instagram: Fedmyster
Pokimane and Fedmyster’s relationship is a long, complicated one.

In an 11-page document, including pictures of messages between herself and Fedmyster, as well as with other people, Poki clarifies context and attempts to remove biases that she felt Fed had pushed.

While understandably uncomfortable with private conversations being leaked, the streamer indicates that she is compelled to share her side because of Fed’s document: “Looking back, I would’ve done a lot of things differently, and know for a fact that neither of us handled the situation perfectly. However, our private convos heavily lacked context, and I’m not okay with how they’re being misrepresented.”

In one such example of giving context, she explains how one of the more egregiously received examples of flirting was actually misconstrued to suggest that she wanted to be alone with Fed in a hotel room.

pokimane fedmyster hotel room leak
Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys
A screenshot of Poki’s doc shows how Fed’s leaks lacked context.

Unwilling to be abdicated of responsibility for the complicated relationship, Poki asserts that she regrets many of her messages and actions.

Similarly, she contends that Fed’s “feelings are valid and a good reminder to me that what one person thinks may be going on in a friendship, don’t always match up with the other person’s expectations.”

The document tackles every issue brought up in Fed’s document, including the two’s relationship as well as drama with Yvonne, OTV, and Jodi.

But, ultimately, these are private matters and the additional context simply proves that Fed’s account may have misled in that it failed to account for other perspectives.

Poki’s hopes are that this new context will finally help “put drama to rest.”