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Who is Kourtney Kellar? Jake Paul’s ring girl goes viral

Published: 27/Dec/2021 15:43

by Sam Comrie


Jake Paul is changing the boxing world one fight at a time, but his fans are completely infatuated with Kourtney Kellar, one of his ring girls. 

Jake Paul and Bryce Hall brought ring girl, Kourtney Kellar, to the attention of their fans back in September. Kellar revealed some lighthearted DM’s with Bryce Hall, as well as reacting to Jake Paul’s boxing career on TikTok.

Now, fans are flocking to her social media, and her following continues to grow exponentially.

An image of Logan Paul and Kourtney Kellar.
Twitter: DanPaulsive
Kourtney Kellar has been seen at Logan Paul’s fights too.

Who is Kourtney Kellar?

Kourtney Kellar is an influencer and model from Texas, United States. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, Kellar has gone on to work with heaps of brands such as Maxim, Malvie Mag, and Cigar Snob magazine.


Between modeling for Guess and Fashion Nova, Kellar won the 2017 Miss Texas International title, too. With a growing 600K+ following on Instagram, Kellar notably came to the attention of fans after the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight.

Seen briefly on screen, Logan Paul’s flirtatious attitude towards the model was enough to spark conversation on social media.

An image of Kourtney Kellar's Instagram story featuring Logan Paul.
Instagram: Kourtney Kellar
Kellar posted an Instagram story, depicting the post-match moment.

“RIP to my DM’s. Wow, the power you hold @LoganPaul,” Kellar said shortly after the moment went viral.

Since the fight, Kellar’s Instagram has exploded, with Kellar only having just over 400K followers at the end of 2020 in comparison to the 683k she’s rocking today.


Her TikTok seems to be where her fans are flocking to, as her profile boasts an impressive 10.5 million likes on her content.

We may see Kellar return to a Jake Paul exhibition in the future, as the YouTube turned boxer eyes up his next opponent. Who will challenge ‘The Problem Child’?