Ring girl from Jake Paul fight goes viral on TikTok with response to Logan and Bryce Hall

Kourtney Kellar responds to Logan Paul and Bryce Hall DMsTikTok/kourtney_kellar

A model and ring girl featured in Jake Paul’s split-decision victory over Tyron Woodley has responded to Bryce Hall and Logan Paul after the two tried to flirt with her.

After Jake Paul secured the win against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, his brother Logan was spotted chatting up ring girl Kourtney Kellar after the match and the internet ate it up.

It wasn’t just Logan who seemed interested in Kellar either as Bryce Hall made a point of zooming in on her during the match in his Instagram story.

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With her growing internet fame, the model posted a couple of TikToks responding to the down bad YouTubers and even exposed Hall for sliding into her DMs.

Model responds to flirty Logan Paul

In one video, Kellar reacted to a clip from the fight with Logan chatting to her as Jake was being interviewed by Ariel Helwani following the fight.

After being asked if the match was harder than he expected it to be, Jake yelled out “Cleveland” and Kellar did her best impression of The Problem Child, imitating his scream.

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The two’s interaction at the fight quickly spread online with the model even addressing the matter in an Instagram story where she wrote “RIP to my DMs. Wow, the power you hold, Logan Paul.”

Kourtney Kellar's DMsInstagram
Kourtney’s DMs were blown up after Logan Paul flirted with her.

Bryce Hall slides into the DMs

One individual who went crawling into her DMs was Bryce Hall, who the ring girl responded to in her second TikTok dubbed “the internet works HARD.”

“Hey I found u,” Hall said in a leaked message.

In the video, Kellar lip synced the word “okay” in BOY2FLY’s song ‘OkkkAaayyy’ right when she showed his DM on the screen.

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Both videos absolutely blew up on the platform, earning over 5 million views combined. It’s clear that the model is enjoying her increased internet fame and isn’t afraid to embrace it.