Moistcr1tikal slams Addison Rae’s new reality show: "Do people actually watch this?" - Dexerto

Moistcr1tikal slams Addison Rae’s new reality show: “Do people actually watch this?”

Published: 12/Apr/2022 4:10 Updated: 12/Apr/2022 7:41

by Dave Deiley


YouTuber and popular Twitch Streamer Charlie ‘Moistcr1tikal’ White Jr went deep in a rant on Addison Rae’s ‘Horrible TikTok Reality Show’.

Moistcr1tikal has built a solid reputation, and a full career, out of reaction videos. In a ‘xerox of a xerox’ moment, a video posted on April 12 features Moistcr1tikal watching fellow YouTuber ‘GunnarTV’s critiques on “Addison Rae’s Going Home.”

The ‘reality TV show from Rae is hosted on Snapchat, “where for every 10 seconds of show, you get 15 seconds of ads.” The show itself features Addison Rae returning to her hometown in Louisiana and reconnecting to her childhood friends and family.


From the start, Moistcr1tikal expresses disbelief at the concept. “What is the idea of this show? Isn’t she like 20 years old and she’s only been doing TikTok for a year and half, two years or something? Why wouldn’t she fit in all of a sudden? If she doesn’t fit in it’s cause she’s the f***ing problem.”

YouTuber GunnarTV’s scathing review of Addison Rae Easterling’s new “TV” show kickstarted the wave of criticism.

Further attacking the entire concept behind the show, GunnarTV expressed distaste around the nature of the show itself. “I just think narrated slow-mo shots of you [Addison] looking introspective might be the worst way to come off as relatable.”


Agreeing with the confusion around the existence of the show, Charlie stated “What is this? Can you look at, like, Snapchat numbers? I’m curious, do people actually watch this and enjoy it?”

Continuing, the YouTuber gave a breakdown of how people even watch shows on Snapchat: “Oh you can individually subscribe to shows on Snapchat, so her show has 497,000 subscribers. Are there like reviews? Because I don’t even understand who this is supposed to appeal to.”

Bemoaning the nature of entertainment content today, Moistcr1tikal compared his childhood to the youth of today. “I remember when I was a kid I still, like, watched things, where things happened. This is literally nothing happening, it’s slow-mo shots, and then I guess an interview?”


In response to a quote from Addison Rae where the TikTok star refuted claims she had dropped out of school to pursue TikTok, Moistcr1tikal said “You dropped out for TikTok, it was your entertainment industry. I don’t know why she’s like, embarrassed, embrace it.”

Zoning on the content of the show itself, a section featuring Addison Rae and her childhood friend ‘Gussie’ discussing how different their lives are now caught the ire of both commentators.

Gunnar TV pointed out that Addison Rae was rubbing her success in her friend’s face “Remember when we dreamed of living in LA, now I’m there, and you’re still here though” causing Charlie to agree in a comment on the vapid nature of the TikTok world:


“Gussie’s following isn’t big enough. They wouldn’t let her in California.”