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Who is Fabiola? ‘Mr Bean’s daughter’ goes viral on TikTok for insane makeup transformations

Published: 9/Nov/2021 19:21 Updated: 9/Nov/2021 19:23

by Virginia Glaze


TikToker Fabiola Baglieri is once again taking over users’ For You Pages, shocking viewers with her jaw-dropping makeup transformations from ‘Mr Bean’s Daughter’ to radiant beauty queen.

TikTok is a hive for all sorts of viral content. The app has spawned a number of popular memes, dances, and other trends throughout its lifetime, and has even helped launch the careers of several high-profile influencers.

One influencer who’s taking over For You Pages across TikTok is Italian creator Fabiola Baglieri, who has gone viral several times over the past year for her shocking transformation videos.

Who is ‘Mr. Bean’s Daughter?’

Fabiola isn’t shy of poking fun at herself. The TikToker has uploaded several videos comparing herself to Mr Bean, even to the point of imitating the comedic character’s facial expressions and overexaggerating the similarities with makeup.


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@fabiola.baglieripapa, mama, I’m here😉♬ original sound – 🖤dara___queen🖤😈

However, Fabiola turns this idea on its head by transitioning to a slow-motion clip of herself decked out in full glam makeup and hair. The transformation is nothing short of jaw-dropping, and several of her videos have become viral hits across the platform.

Viral fame wasn’t always easy for Fabiola to handle, though; the influencer told LADBible in a September interview that the constant comparisons to Mr Bean were, initially, a huge blow to her confidence.

The star later came to realize that the comparisons had become “one of my strong points,” and even described herself as “Mr. Bean to Kendall Jenner” in her TikTok bio in the past. She effectively turned the insults into her own special brand, using them to become an online celebrity hailed for her talent and beauty.


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@fabiola.baglieriReply to @tiberiu♬ ptpom x japanese stutter – jovynn

Now, Fabiola is an internet sensation, boasting over 9 million followers due to her comedic videos and stunning transformations.

Most recently, she was duetted by TikToker Kyle Thomas, whose humorous and astonished reaction to Fabiola’s metamorphosis has garnered over 4 million views.

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@kylethomas#duet with @fabiola.baglieri my girlfriend is so beautiful♬ On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez

Fabiola has also been cited as the mind behind several uber-popular TikTok video transition trends, some of which have amassed 43 million views and counting.

It’s clear that Fabiola is one talented content creator, who’s not afraid of sticking it to internet trolls by using their own insults as a way to create an impressive brand for herself that’s clearly paying off in dividends.