Where did favorites go on TikTok? Users baffled as saved videos disappear

Georgina Smith
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TikTok users have been reporting that they no longer have access to the popular favorites feature, which allows you to saved video to folders on the app to easily access them later on.

Over past couple of years in particular, TikTok has been adding a huge range of different features to the app, including things like stories and playlists. Although some these new features aren’t always immediately popular, others become a key part of the user experience on the app.

One of TikTok’s many features is ‘favorites,’ which allows people to bookmark or save a video to designated folders so that they can easily come back to video they wanted to look at at a later date.

You are usually able to bookmark videos through the video you’re watching, and can view them through a designated tab on your profile page.

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TikTok is the center of viral content on the internet.

What happened to favorites on TikTok?

However, on May 16, many TikTok users began to report that they were no longer able to access the feature on their device.

For those affected by the issue, the favorites feature seemed to have just disappeared from the app entirely, with no apparent way to access videos they’ve previously saved.

“Where tf is my favorites button on TikTok?” one Twitter user asked, with another replying, “It’s literally just gone lol.”

However, it seems that not everyone is affected, with some saying that not everyone they know has experienced the same issue.

It’s not clear what has caused the issue, and could potentially be as a result of a glitch, or TikTok just experimenting with the layout of the app.

You could try re-downloading the app to see if that fixes the issue, however, in this instance unfortunately it may just be a case of waiting for TikTok to update the app again and put the favorites tab back on people’s profiles.

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