Wheelchair-bound TikToker goes viral after Grubhub driver pulls cruel prank over tip

Virginia Glaze
Wheelchair bound woman goes viral on tiktok for grubhub driver tip fiascoUnsplash.com: Gustavo Fring / TikTok: lizardqween

A wheelchair-bound woman is going viral on TikTok after sharing her interaction with a GrubHub driver who pulled a cruel prank on her over dissatisfaction with their tip.

GrubHub, like many meal delivery services, allows customers to tip the driver who delivers their food at checkout.

Users can choose how much they want to tip, but the GrubHub website notes that “20% is the standard cost of having the mealtime brought to your doorstep” — a generally widely regarded rule of thumb for most dining experiences in the USA.

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However, one woman went 6% above the standard when ordering her meal from the service… but that didn’t stop her driver from feeling a bit agitated about the amount.

grubhub tip guideGrubHub
GrubHub’s online tipping guide says that 20% is the standard amount one should tip to delivery drivers.

TikToker ‘Hunter’ is a disabled Leukemia survivor who ordered takeout using GrubHub. She tipped her driver 26% and waited for her meal before getting hit with a text from the driver that read: “Tip your drivers better. Enjoy your food.”

It turns out that the driver had left the meal in the middle of Hunter’s driveway, which is inaccessible to her due to her wheelchair.

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Hunter says she had to wait for an hour for her caretaker to arrive just so she could eat, and she’s calling the ordeal “disability discrimination.”

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Her video documenting the experience has racked up well over two million views, with viewers in the comments expressing outrage over the driver’s behavior.

Hunter reached out to GrubHub regarding the incident and posted several TikToks showcasing her conversation with company representatives.

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At first, a GrubHub rep apologized for the ordeal and offered her a 15% off coupon for her next order — but when her story started to go viral, the company reached out again and claimed they were “conducting an internal investigation of the driver’s actions.”

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They also sent Hunter a $100 voucher… but for Hunter, this “isn’t about the money.”

“This is about accountability,” she said in a follow-up video. “This shouldn’t have happened.”

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However, Hunter made sure to note that, at the time of the incident, the driver was not aware of her disability. “However, once he found out, and once I got this message from GrubHub, that’s when I believe it became discrimination,” she said.

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Commenters have pointed out that the company may not be able to disclose any punitive measures taken against the driver for possible legal reasons.

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A Tweet from GrubHub claims that they have ended the driver’s contract, heralding a potential end for this unfortunate turn of events.

Hunter has yet to comment further on the matter at the time of writing.

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