TikToker facing police investigation after posing in front of Pakistan forest fire

Georgina Smith
TikToker stands in front of a fire

Popular TikToker ‘Dolly’ is reportedly facing a criminal investigation after she posed in front of a forest fire in Pakistan for a video, and has been met with heavy criticism on social media.

Dolly is a TikTok influencer with over 11 million followers on the app, where she posts videos of herself participating in trends and challenges, which regularly get hundreds of thousands of views.

In May, she posted a video of herself wearing a gown and posing in front of a fire, reportedly in Pakistan’s Margalla Hills, with the caption: “Fire erupts wherever I am.”

Dolly’s video was met with a substantial amount of backlash online, with some viewers accusing her of starting the fire herself.

On May 18, Pakistani outlet The News reported that the Islamabad Police had registered a case against Dolly for “setting fires in the Maragalla forest on the complaint of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under wildlife and environment protection laws.”

According to Al Jazeera, in a statement released by her assistant, Dolly denied claims that she started the fire, and said there was was “no harm in making videos.”

In the caption of an Instagram post showing more footage of the fire, Dolly wrote: “As you can clearly see in this video the billboard indicates the place which is motorway and NOT (National Park Kohsar). Listen to the person in this video carefully so that you know the reality. I expect justice.”


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Dolly is continuing to face backlash across social media, with many leaving comments calling her out under her posts. “No justification is required for this act! Just for a video you burned the nature,” one Instagram comment with over 200 likes read. “Shame on you.”

There have been dozens of dangerous trends on TikTok over the years, which has led to the company tightening up its policies and guidelines on the app.

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