What is thrifted ghost painting? Viral TikTok trend explained

Christy Mathew
thrifted ghost painting tiktok trend

Trends are a part of TikTok as users get to showcase their creativity which they can with this latest trend called thrifted ghost painting, which is going viral just in time for the spooky season.

TikTok has given users a long list of fads to try something new and boost their creativity on the platform with lazy girl job trends, bed rotting, color analysis trends, and more.

The latest fad indulges users to showcase their creativity with the help of fun activities. However, you would need to shop a little before diving into this challenge.

What is ‘thrifted ghost painting’ TikTok trend?

The trend involves people adding ghosts to existing paintings with The Cramps! Goo Goo Muck music is being added to most of these videos.

This has made users work a little, which they are loving, as it is way more fun than just watching the end result.

TikTok is now full of pictures from various thrift shops, giving it more meaning with sketches of adorable ghosts.

Several art experts have been able to showcase their creativity with this trend with beautiful end results all over TikTok. And even with the arrival of Halloween in a few months, a lot of the thrifted ghost paintings can be used as props during the season.

This trend is pretty easy to accomplish as users have to go to a thrift shop and pick a painting and remove the artwork. Then you just have to choose the places where your ghosts will be and start painting.