What is the slushie trend on TikTok?

Kawter Abed
What is the slushie trend on TikTok?

TikTok users are going viral by participating in the bizarre ‘slushie’ trend — here’s everything you need to know about what it is.

TikTok is the go-to place for viral content on the internet, as millions of users take to the platform every day to share fun videos and prompt new trends.

The short-form app has seen a wide array of trends and challenges come and go, ranging from popular dances and lip-syncing videos, to easy recipes and useful life hacks.

One of the latest fads sweeping through TikTok has got people hurling slushies at their trucks, leaving many users puzzled. Here’s everything you need to know about the bizarre trend.

TikTok’s slushie trend explained

TikTok’s slushie trend sees people taking a trip to their local 7-Eleven or any similar gas station to purchase large slushies. But instead of simply enjoying their icy treats, they proceed to throw the entire slushie cup at their truck parked outside, spilling the colorful liquid all over the vehicle.

This deliberate mess-making is being done by groups of teenagers who are filming the act and sharing the video to TikTok, often set to the rap track ‘Bag Season’ by Jay Lewis, featuring Da Real Gee Money.

However, you can only take part in this trend if you own a truck, specifically a ‘Bubba Truck.’ This slang refers to a four-wheel drive pickup truck, modified with large tires or a notably loud exhaust.

The craze serves no other purpose than to flaunt these trucks in a way that’s as eye-catching as it is wasteful. Some videos of people participating in the trend have racked up millions of views, although many viewers are still confused by the whole thing.

“No idea why this is a trend but it’s funny,” one user commented. “Why is this a thing?” another wrote. “I don’t understand this,” a third said. “Guess I’m officially old at 25.”

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