What is the Serbian dancing lady on TikTok? Viral video has users petrified

Screenshot of woman dancing in the streetTikTok

A clip of a ‘Serbian dancing lady’ has been going pretty viral on TikTok once again, and it’s got viewers absolutely terrified. Here’s what you need to know.

As TikTok has become the go-to platform for viral videos, its had its fair share of clips that have sparked debate as to whether they’re real or not, with some even leaving users absolutely terrified by what they’ve seen. 

Plenty of TikTokers still reference the ‘zombie’ video from Seattle that looks like a character from The Last of Us had gotten lost, while others haven’t been able to take their eyes off the haunting ‘Beanbag Adventure’ videos from a Chinese user. 

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Those two have now been joined by another spooky clip of a ‘dancing lady’ in Serbia that has got some TikTokers absolutely petrified, and others who can’t help but make jokes about it all. 

Spooky ‘Serbian dancing lady’ video has TikTok absolutely petrified

The clip – which shows a woman dancing in the middle of the street while haunting music plays – was posted back in mid-Febraruy by aatec13, and has racked up over 77.5 million views since then. 

“Be careful guys,” the caption of the video states, referencing the urban legend of the ‘Serbian dancing lady’ that cropped up a few years ago. Though, the woman in the images from 2019 is dressed rather different than this one, and there’s nothing to suggest they’re the same person. 

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That hasn’t stopped TikTokers being worried, though. “Is this the real lady? Because if she is I never sleep again dude,” said one. “This is hella scary,” added another. “And the police won’t do nothing?” asked another.

As noted, some users made reference to claims that, if you see the clip, the woman will eventually chase you down – which makes it scarier to some. However, that’s just commenters trying to scare each other further. 

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Others want to see the clip with different songs on top of it to “completely change the vibe” and make it funnier. Though, we’ve yet to come across those.

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