People are freaking out as woman looks frozen in time in viral video

Kawter Abed
Woman on the street frozen like a statue

A viral TikTok video of a woman appearing frozen in time has left viewers freaking out and coming up with wild conspiracy theories.

In the short clip, which has amassed a whopping 5 million views, the unnamed woman appeared to be frozen in place on a busy street, presumingly in the UK.

“She was like that for a minute before,” read the text over the strange footage, which was posted by unknown1575489 on TikTok. The video showed the unidentified woman, dressed in white pants and a black long-sleeve, looking frozen in time while walking down the sidewalk.

Her legs looked as if they were mid-stride while her arms hung weirdly at her sides. Amazingly, her long ponytail also appeared to be paused. “Why she frozen?” the person recording asked, while zooming in on her. “Bruh, I’m tripping.”

The woman then resumed walking, as the shocked cameraman exclaimed, “What the f**k.” In the caption of the video, he added, “NPC caught lacking.”

TikTok stunned by woman “frozen” in time

In the comments, thousands of TikTok users were left completely baffled by the bizarre video.

“The way the wind isn’t even moving her clothes or hair but it’s all just stuck completely frozen,” one wrote, along with a startled emoji. “Sometimes I think we’ve slipped into a different dimension,” another person added. “I actually think the matrix is real,” a third shared.

Many viewers also cracked some jokes. “I’m telling you RIGHT NOW, that mfr… that mfr back there is not real,” one user quipped, referencing the viral video of a woman’s bizarre outburst on a plane. “She disconnected for a sec,” another joked. “Chill she’s just lagging,” someone else commented.

Others tried to offer more logical explanations. “It could be epilepsy, as I knew someone who would freeze like that then just carry on like nothing happened,” one person suggested. “I do this often when I feel like I’m forgetting something or might be going the wrong way, maybe it’s just that,” another offered.

This isn’t the first time a real-life “glitch” has baffled people, after a TikTok video of a plane not moving in the air sparked conspiracy theories.