Who is Beanbag Adventures? Chinese lab videos terrify TikTok users, but is it real?

Beanbag Adventures inside and outside lab in chinaBeanbag Adventures

Videos from a Chinese content creator who goes by Beanbag Adventures have been terrifying users online, especially on TikTok. Here’s what you need to know about his recent creepy discovery.

TikTok may have started out life as a place for creatives and artists, but it now covers pretty much every corner and niche interest of the internet. 

One of the most popular corners has always been horrortok, where users go and share some of the scariest stories – real or fake – that they’ve found online. In the past, things like the legend of the Navajo Skinwalker, the F74 trend, and the SCP foundation have left users scarred.

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They don’t really hold a candle to Beanbag Adventures, a Chinese urban explorer whose videos have been reposted on TikTok from the Douyin social medial platform, especially after the discovery of an abandoned laboratory in rural China.

What is Beanbag Adventures on TikTok?

Beanbag Adventures’ laboratory discovery first caught the eye in February 2022, when he posted a video of himself entering the lab and discovering a pool. 

The pool had bodies in it, which the TikToker initially censored. Though, he followed up by stating that they were movie props. This sparked some debate as to whether the urban explorer was helping hide something.

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However, when he returned to the lab almost a year later to make another video, he claimed that they weren’t movie props as the bodies were even more “decayed.” This video was proven to be more credible than the previous as he showed the date and time on his phone from when it was recorded as an update.

He made additional videos too, sparking a number of theories about what the laboratory had actually been used for. These theories have spread on TikTok and Reddit, with many giving detailed thoughts about them. 

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As noted, Beanbag Adventures isn’t actually posting on TikTok, but his videos have been reposted by others. 

They are pretty disturbing in nature, so a viewer discretion warning should be advised for anyone searching them out.

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