What is the ‘P for Papas’ trend on TikTok? Cat dance goes viral

Virginia Glaze

The latest trend taking over TikTok has users dancing with their pet cats while singing a catchy song. Here’s everything to know about the adorable ‘P for Papas’ kitty craze.

Put your paws up! This new TikTok trend is all about celebrating our furry friends… and it’s taking over the internet.

TikTok is known for creating the next big trend or craze. Who could forget the app’s famous baked feta pasta, for instance, or the current rosemary oil hair-growing fad that’s making people repurpose their spice cabinet?

Now, the site’s latest trend involves the use of one’s pet… particularly, their pet cat.

TikTok’s ‘P for Papas’ trend is a huge win for cat lovers

The trend seems to have started on May 7, when TikTok user ‘june.hound’ posted a video of their brother and his girlfriend making their tabby cat dance while singing a little ditty: “P, for Papas. It’s a Papa’s party!”

Although there’s no telling what in the world a ‘Papa’s Party’ is, some users speculate that it might be short for ‘paws,’ since the cat’s paws are waving in the air like they just don’t care. Other commenters think that it could be short for potatoes, or referencing someone’s dad.

Whatever the case may be, the video quickly went viral, and has racked up over 15 million views and over 3 million likes in just a month’s time.

Since then, the sound has been used over 2,000 times, and a slew of netizens have started making their cats (or dogs, or other pets) dance while singing the catchy song.

The trend has even been celebrated by the likes of One Direction star Niall Horan, who recreated the cat-dance for NBC news in another viral clip.

It’s clear that pet lovers across the net are loving this latest fad, which comes on the heels of another wholesome moment that took TikTok by storm after a TikToker and their fans gave a “life changing” donation to a well-deserving traffic warden.

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