What is TikTok’s Baked Feta Pasta recipe? Everything you need to know

Instagram: the_tartan_tattie

If you haven’t heard of the baked feta pasta recipe that’s going viral on TikTok, where have you been? If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re only just hearing about it, or you want to find out where it came from, here’s everything you need to know.

The infamous baked feta pasta recipe has reached extraordinary heights of fame since the beginning of 2021 after it was shared on TikTok and then shared again all over the internet.

A video of the recipe by cookingwithayeh has 14.8 million views, while a video shared by feelgoodfoodie has more than 19.3 million views.  Meanwhile, the “fetapasta” hashtag has a whopping 1.2 billion views.

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TikTok baked feta pasta Instagram: tomka_an
The viral recipe has led to shops running out of Feta cheese

Where did it come from?

The recipe didn’t originate on TikTok – it was actually first shared by Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen in 2018. Häyrinen’s recipe went viral in Finland at the time, and the blogger even wrote that sales increased by 300%: “The shops were running out of baked feta pasta ingredients and by this date the original uunifetapasta post has over 2.7 million views. Finland has 5.5 million inhabitants…”

Even the original recipe by Häyrinen was a quick alternative for another recipe called “Prosecco spaghetti and oven tomatoes” by another Finnish foodie called Tiiu Piret.

However, the recipe’s life has continued. It was first reshared on TikTok by Mackenzie Smith, otherwise known as @grilledcheesesocial, in January, prompting several other foodie accounts to do the same, causing it to enjoy popularity once again, but this time on a global scale.

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“TikTok Feta Pasta” quickly rose up in Google search trends and related tags rapidly grew on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It even caused a dramatic increase in demand for feta, with shops in the US reported a shortage of the cheese as a result.

How to make TikTok’s Feta Pasta Recipe

The recipe is very simple, making it perfect for a quick TikTok video. All you need to do is chuck a whole block of feta, whole cherry tomatoes, garlic with the skin still on, and olive oil in a pan before roasting it in the oven.

Meanwhile, all you have to do is boil your pasta, and combine it with the baked Feta mixture when both are cooked, adding some fresh basil to finish.

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Of course, you can add other seasonings along the way such as oregano, and fresh chili pepper, or some crushed red pepper flakes. And for a creamier texture, foodies suggest using proper Greek Feta instead of feta-style cheese.

By nature, this recipe is open to variation, and inspiration can be found just by searching through the related tags on TikTok. One especially divisive recipe, which was uploaded by The Hunger Diaries, involved adding strawberries to the mix – try it if you dare.