What is the Jack Sparrow run on TikTok? Johnny Depp character goes viral

Dylan Horetski
Jack Sparrow Run TikTok Trend

TikTok has been taken over by yet another trend, this time the ‘Jack Sparrow run,’ where creators mimic the style of run from Johnny Depp’s character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. 

If you’re a fan of Johnny Depp, you know of his iconic role as Captian Jack Sparrow in the five-film pirate-focused series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

During the movie, he has a unique style to the way he runs around — and TikTokers have made it go viral in the latest trend to hit the short-form video app.

Here’s everything we know about the Jack Sparrow run TikTok trend.

Jack Sparrow run TikTok trend

Throughout the movie series, Captain Jack Sparrow can be seen doing his famous run with his arms flailing to the side in a style of run that nearly mimics a skip.

At the time of writing, TikTok shows that the search for ‘Jack sparrow run’ on the site has been viewed almost 64 million times.

‘MattScharff’ uploaded his attempt at the iconic run on April 28, and has received millions of views since.

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The trend is often popular with groups of people, as Trainingwithregan shows in her viral video.

She talked everybody at her gym into doing the run, and they loved it.

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TikToker ‘Joggingjacksparrow‘ has taken the trend to the next level, as he’s dedicated his entire channel to the run.

Donning a costume almost identical to Johnny Depp himself, he’s amassed over 50,000 followers in just a few weeks.

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There you have it — everything we know about the viral Jack Sparrow run. For more TikTok news and other viral trends, check out our hub. 

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