Pirate Software shatters Twitch Hype Train record previously set by him

Jeremy Gan
Pirate Software breaks Twitch's Hype Train record again

PirateSoftware has broken yet another Twitch Hype Train record, one that was previously set by him twice over. He’s now reached beyond the new maximum level only just introduced on the platform. 

Twitch streamer and game developer Jason Thor Hall, better known as the Game Director and founder of the indie game studio Pirate Software, has just broken the Hype Train record again in stunning fashion, the record that he set himself back in December, 2023. 

Over roughly three hours in a 15+ hour stream, Thor broke his own Twitch Hype Train record with an earth-shattering 54,380 gifted subs and 8,225,386 Bits. Ending the Hype Train at a dizzying Level 106. 

Thor’s previous Hype Train record set at level 55 with just over 1.3 million Bits and 9,665 Subs handed over to establish the world record at the time. Now, he’s far eclipsed that previous best.

“The new World Record Twitch Hype Train has just finished. Level 106 at 47% over the course of roughly three hours. I cannot express my gratitude enough and there are no words to thank you for what you’ve done here,” Thor tweeted about his new record. 

Because he’s the first to hit Level 100 in a Hype Train, Thor has also become the first streamer to get the KappaInfinite emote, barely a week after its addition to Twitch

However, the amount of Subs and Bits that were gifted was so large that viewers aren’t getting the KappaInfinite emote because Twitch still thinks the Hype Train is ongoing at the time of writing, even hours after it came to an end. 

“Everyone is getting their KappaInfinite over time because you hit the website so hard they had to rate-limit the delivery,” Thor said of the emote. “Otherwise Twitch would have imploded. You crushed another website, goblins.” 

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