xQc reveals why he turned down $1M to play mobile games on Twitch

xqc turns down mobile game sponsorsUnsplash/xQc/Twitch

Streaming sensation Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been under fire recently for his Twitch gambling sponsorships – but it turns out he may not be doing it just for the money.

xQc has had quite the controversial few weeks on Twitch ever since his gambling sponsorships returned, sparking plenty of discussion on the Amazon-owned website.

After criticism and defense from many in the industry including Pokimane, Ludwig, Asmongold and more, Lengyel addressed the drama and his views on gambling.

In a May 19 broadcast, the French Canadian explained that despite getting paid big bucks to promote gambling, the money isn’t the reason why he does it, pointing to mobile game offers he’s turned down in the past.

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xQc looking at camera side-by-side with slot machineTwitch: xQc/Unsplash
xQc has been facing backlash for his gambling streams.

xQc turned down millions to promote mobile games

“I enjoy it,” the streamer said in regards to gambling. “I was offered half a million, or a million to play mobile games for a certain amount of hours, and what happened? I said no.”

According to the popular streamer, he refused to put time into playing a game he disliked even for more money than most will ever have in their lives.

“Naturally, some of these games, I don’t like playing them. I don’t have fun doing them, so I’m less prone to taking them, because I can’t justify putting my time into that sh*t when I can do something else with my time,” he explained.

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The former Overwatch League pro further added that the reason why he’s more prone to taking gambling sponsorships is because he actually enjoys gambling.

Unfortunately, the streamer didn’t say which mobile titles he refused to play on Twitch, but it’s certainly intriguing to think that he would turn down such a massive payday for only a few hours of work. That’s quite a commitment to one’s own content!