What is the “Caught A Vibe” song on TikTok? Viral trend & lyrics explained

Dylan Horetski
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TikTok’s viral “caught a vibe” sound has taken over the app, and even has its own dance trend. But what is the song’s real title, and what are the lyrics to it?

TikTok is everyone’s portal to all kinds of viral content, providing anything from recipes, dance trends, filters, and more.

One of the most viral ongoing trends involves an absolutely crazy fast-paced dance to the tune of “Meet me at our spot” by Willow Smith and Tyler Cole who, together, go by “The Anxiety.”

What is the “caught a vibe” viral trend?

Musicians Willow Smith and Tyler Cole started going viral on the app after a live performance of their song went viral.

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Creators on the app quickly started a dance trend using the song. When performed, the person wildly moves their arms in ways that match the song lyrics, like driving a steering wheel to match the words “baby are you coming for the ride.”

The trend also caught on with mainstream celebrities like Josh Peck doing the dance in his dining room. Peck also added a few personal moves to the dance, including covering himself up with a blanket on the floor

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Peck wasn’t the only celebrity to do the dance, either; musician Jason Derulo teamed up with TikToker ‘TwistedPennywise’ to celebrate Halloween.

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What are the “caught a vibe” lyrics?

A lot of people have wondered what the lyrics to the “caught a vibe” sound going around the platform and what the full song entails, since the app doesn’t always allow longer videos uploaded to the platform.

Uploaded March 13, 2020, to their YouTube channel ‘The Anxiety,’ the full song has received over 14 million views.


While the rest of the lyrics can be found with just a quick search, we’ve provided the lyrics to the viral TikTok sound.

Caught a vibe
Baby, are you coming for the ride? (The ride, the ride, the ride)
I just wanna look into your eyes (your eyes, your eyes)
I just wanna stay for the night, night, night
When we take a drive
Maybe we can hit the 405
Hypnotized by the lights
Man, this must be the life

While the duo has continued making music since the release of this song, their genre choices vary depending on what they feel like recording.

Either way, fans of Will Smith will continue to be baffled once they find out the singer in this song is his daughter.

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