What happened to Bobbi Althoff? Viral podcaster resurfaces after online silence

Josh Taylor
Bobbi Althoff as part of her trailer for Season 2 of her podcast.

Bobbi Althoff went super viral in 2023 for her awkward podcast episodes with various celebrities, but she has since gone quiet online and has left many wondering what has happened to the podcaster.

Influencers across the internet are often spawned seemingly overnight, after their clips go viral on TikTok and various other social media platforms.

This was the case with Bobbi Althoff, who sent everyone’s social feeds into a frenzy after her awkwardly comedic celebrity interview with Drake on her podcast “The Really Good Podcast.”

Ever since then, it was hard to avoid the new-found influencer as a series of interviews followed, which lit up feeds over and over again.

However, following Drake unfollowing her and that podcast ep being bizarrely deleted, a growing number of people calling her an “industry plant,” as well as clips not going as viral, the hype for Bobbi Althoff has appeared to have died down.

Bobbi’s has also been less active on social media, which all combined has caused many to wonder what exactly has happened to her? Here is everything we know.

What has happened to Bobbi Althoff?

Despite many believing she is an “Industry plant” and that she has “fallen off” since her dramatic rise, this isn’t case. Instead, her virality across the wider internet community has naturally died down, much like most influencers.

However, Bobbi Althoff has now revealed she was “taking a break from a quick and unexpected rise in podcasting,” and will be returning with Season 2 of her podcast. This was announced via her YouTube channel and socials on January 17, 2024 as part of the “The Really Good Podcast” new season’s trailer.

Before this, she has just been posting much less in regards to her TikToks and Podcast episodes. Her previous last posts across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube were all related to her end-of-season Podcast episode on December 30, 2023, which featured Jessica Alba.

With Bobbi Althoff stating she has “spent a lot of money” on Season 2, and is bringing a whole heap of new concepts and celebrity guests, it looks like we may be see a lot more of the podcaster in our feeds once again.