Why was Bobbi Althoff reportedly removed from Drake’s SXSW party?

Bee Delores
Bobbi Althoff smiling for camera

Reports claim that podcast host Bobbi Althoff was allegedly removed from Drake’s SXSW party by security, leaving fans wondering what exactly happened. Here’s what we know so far.

Bobbi Althoff’s professional relationship with Drake has certainly had its ups and downs. After going viral for her awkward interviews on her “The Really Good Podcast,” on which she interviewed Drake, the podcaster shot up to instant fame.

But things quickly took a turn after the Drake episode was strangely deleted and the pair unfollowed each other on social media.

Then, there were those pesky rumors Althoff and Drake had hooked up. BFFs Podcast host Dave Portnoy later vehemently apologized for how Althoff’s episode was edited, which made it seem like she had a physical relationship with Drake. “That is not true,” she later said.

Now, it appears the Althoff and Drake feud has been reignited after Althoff allegedly showed up to Drake’s SXSW party uninvited.

Drake and Bobbi Althoff side-by-side in bed with interview mics
Althoff interviewed Drake on her podcast

Why did security remove Bobbi Althoff from Drake’s SXSW party?

According to DailyMail, Bobbi Althoff was reportedly removed from a SXSW event after showing up uninvited. While Drake wasn’t actually in attendance, reports claim the rapper’s team didn’t take too kindly to Althoff’s presence.

On March 11, Drake’s team hosted a private SXSW afterparty following the premiere of the new docuseries Magic City: An American Fantasy, a DreamCrew Entertainment co-production. The event took place at the Mayfair Club in Austin, Texas, and saw the likes of Killer Mike, TI, and 2 Chainz walk through the doors.

“I have no idea how she got in, because she was not invited by organizers or hosts of the event,” a source told the DailyMail. “If you look up the past history between her and Drake, it’s easy to see why she wasn’t invited – and why she was removed as soon as possible.”

The circumstances surrounding Althoff’s removal are currently unclear, and neither Bobbi Althoff nor Drake have addressed publicly the incident.