Bobbi Althoff responds after trending for deepfake “leaks”

Michael Gwilliam
Bobbi Althoff smiling for camera

Podcaster Bobbi Althoff has responded to the viral deepfakes of her surfacing on social media, confirming they are not real.

As more and more celebrities are having private videos of them leaked to the public there’s also been a rise of deepfakes at the same time.

Just one month after deepfakes of Taylor Swift went viral on X, Bobbi Althoff was targeted by AI-generated videos, sparking backlash online.

One day after the clips of Althoff began to spread, the influencer began to trend on X/Twitter. She responded to them directly and put the matter to rest by confirming many people’s suspicions that they are fake.

Bobbi Althoff hits out at deepfake “leaks”

In an Instagram post, Althoff addressed the deepfakes and how she had been trending on social media.

“Sorry to disappoint you all, but the reason I’m trending is 100% not me,” she said. “[It] is definitely AI generated.”

Deepfakes have become a huge problem on social media with many influencers and even Twitch streamers, having their faces show up on videos without their consent.

Earlier this month, AI deepfake scammers even impersonated a company’s CFO during a business meeting and stole $26M.

Microsoft even took action against deepfakes by closing a loophole in their Designer AI image generator app that allowed users to use slightly misspelled names and non-sexual descriptions to create the content.

So far, Althoff has yet to comment further on the videos or if she’ll be taking legal action against the individual who created them.

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