What does ‘sent you a snap’ mean on Snapchat?

Georgina Smith
Person using Snapchat on their phone

Snapchat users have noticed that they’ve received notifications that read a user ‘sent you a snap,’ instead of just ‘sent a snap.’ This has left many wondering what the difference is between the two notifications.

Just like any other app, you can receive notifications from Snapchat informing you when someone sends you a message.

In 2023, some users began reporting that they were receiving notifications that said a user ‘sent you a snap’ instead of just ‘sent a snap.’ The slight difference in wording had people wondering whether the two phrases had any different meanings, with many curious to know the reason behind it.

Does ‘sent you a snap’ mean something different on Snapchat?

The ‘sent you a snap’ notification on Snapchat does not have a different meaning from the original ‘sent a snap’ notification.

Some internet users suspected that ‘sent you a snap’ meant someone sent you a message individually, but ‘sent a snap’ implied someone had sent a message to multiple users in one go. However, this appears to just be a rumor.

Several TikTok commentators claimed that they had debunked this theory with their friends, and so far, Snapchat hasn’t accepted there’s any difference in meaning between the two notifications.

The change is still rolling out to more users, so if you haven’t received the update yet, you may just have to wait a little longer.

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