VShojo star kson reportedly banned from collabing with NIJISANJI

VShojo VTuber ksonTwitch: kson

VShojo star kson has reportedly been banned from collaborating with any NIJISANJI VTuber, she revealed on stream. While the individual talents “are being so nice to [her] secretly”, the company apparently “hates her” and is blocking any crossover.

Kson made a huge splash early in 2022 after the once-independent Japanese VTuber became VShojo’s first overseas talent alongside the newly-debuting Amemiya Nazuna.

Having been reluctant to join an agency previously because “not every VTuber has the ability to do whatever they want”, she found a new home in the US-based group that allowed her the freedom to do just that.

However there’s one thing she cannot apparently do in her current place, and that’s collaborate with NIJISANJI. While VShojo stars, namely Ironmouse and Froot, have collaborated with NIJISANJI numerous times before, kson is reportedly blocked in all capacity.

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“NIJISANJI hates me, so they’re not allowed to collab with me because they hate me,” she said with nervous laughter on stream. “I didn’t do nothing and they know it, so that’s horrible.”

kson explained the situation further, equating the actions of AnyColor and the agency as “bullying”, but said the talents themselves had a lot of respect for the delinquent.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing to try and kick out some individual… that ain’t cool. That’s just straight up bullying. But no offense to any of the VTubers there, it’s just the system I’m complaining about. They’re not the ones wanting to do that. The company is doing that.

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“They say it’s because of the political sh*t, but I’ve never said anything political before and everyone knows that. That’s a made up story by the people who hate me, and they did that because they hate me, and everyone knows that. They’re scared of them, and that’s why they can’t collab with me.”

The VShojo member even claimed numerous NIJISANJI members talk to her privately, using non-company accounts. She didn’t name anyone, but she said they are very cordial behind the scenes.

“They are being so nice to me secretly. Even if their company tells them not to do anything with me, they secretly message me how nice I am, how wonderful I am, and I have no offense to them. They are so nice. I have nothing against their talents.”

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Regardless, the move has rubbed kson the wrong way. It keeps her out of specific servers and collaborations that would otherwise be open to all. Through speculation, it seemingly means collab partners have to choose between kson or a NIJISANJI member, even for big events.

She is respecting the rules for now, but is nevertheless annoyed there’s these artificial barriers ⁠— something she’s tried to avoid for so long ⁠— between her and the agency.

“They’re company people, so they have their rules, and I respect that,” she continued. “But if they know that I haven’t done nothing [wrong], and they’re still doing that, I think that is [bullying]. I think I’m just someone here doing what I want, an individual, and I think that is just straight up bullying.

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“It doesn’t matter what race you are. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. I thought nothing mattered in the VTuber world. But when it comes down to business, everything matters, and I hate that. Nothing should matter because we’re VTubers!”