Kson and Amemiya Nazuna dominate Twitch during VShojo debuts

Amemiya Nazuna's twitch loading screenTwitch: Amemiya Nazuna

VShojo’s Japan expansion has started off strong after Kson and Amemiya Nazuna dominated Twitch during their July 17 debuts. The VTubers both peaked at more than 30,000 concurrent viewers during their hour-long broadcasts.

It was the much-hyped reveal at Anime Expo: VShojo’s expansion into Japan with two new VTubers, Kson and Amemiya Nazuna

After a couple of weeks of anticipation, the duo finally debuted on July 17 to much fanfare as they dominated Twitch stats across the day.

Kson’s redebut with her iconic model wasn’t all smooth sailing. Battling internet issues throughout the broadcast, the delinquent VTuber was fighting technology as fans laughed in chat.

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But they came in droves as they watched the popular once-independent reintroduce herself to her new audience. 33,540 viewers tuned in at the peak of Kson’s stream as she described her reasoning behind returning to an agency.

“In this VTuber industry, not every VTuber has the ability to do whatever they want. They’re not in a circumstance to do whatever the f**k they want because they don’t have their talent-first management, so I wanted to make a change in a fun way,” Kson stated.

“I don’t want to say any bad things about it though ⁠— I’m not trying to throw anything or anyone under the bus. I just want everyone to have fun.

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“I’m in a precious family now.”

That was all building hype for the main event though ⁠— Amemiya Nazuna’s debut. However, even that didn’t go according to plan. 

The VTuber slept through their alarm, coming on stream 10 minutes late and profusely apologizing for the delay: “Though there are definitely places to improve on, I hope you guys continue to support me going forward,” she said at the end.

More than 50,000 people watched the reveal, and while she spoke primarily in Japanese for the stream, VShojo had organized live translations with Kamishiro Taishi. The Hong Kong-based VTuber was transcribing what Nazuna was saying live for viewers ⁠— including all the pettan jokes ⁠— making it easy to access for the agency’s English audience.

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That didn’t stop Nazuna from trying her best though, thanking everyone for coming along ⁠— in English. She even mentioned the stream could make for a good way to learn the language.

Kson and Amemiya Nazuna will now be streaming regularly on Twitch instead of YouTube, which is a departure from the norm for Japanese VTubers. However, expect plenty of collaborations with other Japanese stars, as well as their fellow VShojo English members.