Virginia school board meeting goes viral after fake names Bart Simpson prank

Virginia School prankTwitter: @lovinmygirls218

A Virginia school board meeting in Henrico county has gone viral on Twitter after it went horribly wrong. Described as “some Bart Simpson sh*t”, Roscoe D. Cooper III read out a list of names such as “Ophelia McCaulk” and “Phil McCraken”

A meeting by the Henrico School Board was hijacked by some prankers who had the board read out a bunch of names that while on paper seem fine, when spoken aloud have a very different meaning.

The prank came after one parent demanded that the board did not pass a policy. The chair, Roscoe D. Cooper III, then proceeded to call the next person up.

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First up is Phil McCracken who is then followed by Suk Mahidik. There’s no answer to both names and Cooper dryly moves onto Ophelia McCaulk. Throughout the whole episode, it appears Cooper doesn’t catch onto the prank initially and proceeds to read out more names.

These include Eileen Dover, Don Kedick, and Wayne Kerr. If you still haven’t cottoned onto what’s going on, these are phonetic versions of various sexual phrases. Thankfully some users have broken down what each one was supposed to mean.

The prank goes viral

The video has now gone insanely viral on Twitter with 7.1 million views with nearly 400,000 likes on one Tweet. Reactions included one person saying, “some kids pranked a school board meeting on some Bart Simpson sh*t and I am crying!!”

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Many people compared it to the pranks that Bart Simpson used to play on callers in the hit series ‘The Simpsons’ on people using names that sounded like rude phrases when said aloud.

Another person said, “these kids really on some tech stuff ” while others said their wives or strangers on the street checked in on them because they were laughing so much.

Others said that Cooper, who read the names at the meeting, should get a medal for keeping a straight face after he realized what was happening with Eileen Dover.