‘Fancy Like’ TikTok dance trend causes Applebee’s to bring back Oreo shake

Walker Hayes TikTokInstagram: Walker Hayes

A famous Oreo Shake is now back at Applebee’s after a song that namedropped the product went massively viral on TikTok. Walker Hayes, who wrote the song ‘Fancy Like’, confirmed it was back on the menu.

The song ‘Fancy Like’ became a trend after Hayes posted a dance TikTok to the trend that went viral in June 2020. The video that features Hayes and his daughter doing some groovy moves has over 28 million views.

Since then, the song’s only gotten bigger with Hayes posting more TikToks dancing in Walmart and with more members of his family. In just the last few months, it has already been used in over half a million videos with several even making waves over in the UK.

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In the interview about the TikTok trend, Hayes said that his daughter suggested the song needed a dance and said he had no idea it “was going to pop off like it did.”

Hayes’ song ‘Fancy Like’ also had a music video on YouTube that features Hayes dancing and singing along to the song in a field. It’s proved a smash on the platform with over 15 million views.

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Hayes said he had been trying to blow up his career for 17 to 18 years so the song going viral definitely took him by surprise. He said he thought the “wholesome nature of the dance” and the “reliability of the song” led to it going viral.

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He then went onto say that the Oreo Shake is “back on the menu” and joked he “can be credit as the guy who brought the Orea Shake out of retirement.”

Hayes said that the song has brought him a new level of celebrity though on a much more local level. Keeping it humble, Hayes said that he’d become a bit of a “neighborhood celebrity.”

He joked about how people now swing by their house and take pictures of it saying that’s where the TikTok was made.

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