Guy from viral TikTok rejecting kiss at football game explains what really happened

Georgina Smith
Girl and a guy standing next to each other at a football gameTikTok: oldrowofficial

The man who appeared to reject a kiss from his date at a college football game in a viral TikTok has revealed the real back story behind the clip after a getting huge amount of backlash online.

Sporting events continuously prove to be great source material for viral videos online, with TikTok full of clips with millions of views that show funny moments and fails from the huge crowds.

In September, several videos of a cat went viral after the crowd managed to save it when it took a huge fall in the Miami Hard Rock Stadium, with the videos gaining a lot of traction on TikTok.

The latest football game crowd viral video to do the rounds on the app was originally posted on Reddit, and has quickly spread across several other social media platforms. The video shows a girl leaning into her date for a kiss, but he appears to dodge it, leading to her quickly snapping her head back to the action on the field.

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But after the video picked up traction and the pair started receiving a flood of hate, the man from the video has clarified the story behind the viral clip in a Reddit post.

“Basically, I’ve been talking to this girl for a while and we just started dating about a week ago,” he explained. “I tell her she should come to the Wake game since we are undefeated and will probably win. She says yes. We go with a group of friends, and we are having a great time. Throughout the game we are flirting, hugging, kissing a little bit, etc.

“We also do this thing where one of us leans in for a kiss, and the other person leans away, which is an inside joke between the two of us. So, we do our little inside joke thing, and unbeknownst to us, we are being recorded.”

He clarified that she didn’t get rejected and that they were just “playing around,” adding that they didn’t know they were being recorded. This explanation was also backed up by the girl from the video on her TikTok account.

Their posts were quickly met with supportive comments from readers who told the couple they look “adorable,” calling out the internet for making such quick judgments from the short clip.