Best influencer Halloween costumes 2021 ft. Dream, Charli D’Amelio, Lil Nas X & more

Sam Comrie
halloween influencers

Halloween returns once again, bringing a multitude of costumes from across the depths of pop culture. From Jake Paul to Lil Nas X, here are some of the best influencer costumes that Halloween 2021 has had to offer. 

The frights and delights of Halloween are back for another scare, promising to be another thrilling event in the world of celebrity culture. Time is of the essence, and these influencers, artists, and creators didn’t waste a moment when it came to showcasing their costumes of choice.

But who stood out among the crowd this year? To help you decide, we’ve put together some of our favorites.

Dream & Sapnap

Minecraft content creator Dream and collaborator Sapnap kicked off the celebrations with a bang. Blessing fans with the pleasant delights of a panda onesie and a classic bed-sheet ghost appearance, this was just a small taste, to begin with.

While their Squid Game-inspired outfits might not fully capture the budget of Netflix’s smash hit show, the spirit of creativity is definitely alive, showing that you don’t need a lot to get heaps of fun from this Halloween.


Former Fortnite star Tfue tapped into the spiritual side of Halloween horrors this year. While it may bear no resemblance to anything specific in the pop culture zeitgeist, some outfits are a sure-fire winner when it comes to the season of scares.

Using the tricks of the cinematic greats, with a tried and true bait-and-switch, Tfue showed off this wicked outfit with biblical style.

Charli D’Amelio

With over 120 million followers on TikTok, making her the most followed user in history, Charli D’Amelio’s Wreck-It Ralph-inspired costume is sure to please fans of the Disney animation. Portraying the character Vanellope von Schweetz, this simple yet effective costume deserves a mention for bringing some gaming flair to proceedings this Halloween.


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YouTube streaming star CouRage didn’t hit rock bottom with this awesome throwback to one of Dwayne Johnson’s freshest looks. Sporting some spicy 80’s drip, it’s all brought together by the essential element: the fanny pack.

Useful in a pinch and able to store some spooky snacks, the 100 Thieves co-owner gets extra points for functionality.

Lil Huddy

One of the most influential TikTok users in the world, Cole Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy wasn’t clowning around this year. Turning himself into the “Clown Prince of Gotham,” Lil Huddy’s Joker costume from The Dark Knight is a fantastic recreation of the late Heath Ledger’s aesthetic in the oscar-winning role.

Lil Nas X

Montero superstar Lil Nas X went hard this Halloween, bringing some excellent production value to not one but two costumes.

With the Philosopher’s Stone turning 20 this year, it feels fitting to see the rapper transform into Voldermort himself. However, in a surprising move, Lil Nas X brought his fans back to a simpler time of nostalgia, by referencing Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Jake Paul

It wouldn’t be a true Jake Paul appearance if the YouTuber-turned-boxer didn’t spark some sort of controversy. Hitting back at UFC president Dana White following a verbal beatdown surrounding former fighter Claressa Shields, Paul decided to take aim at White directly with this daring re-creation of an iconic MMA photo.

Jake Paul Dana White
Jake Paul took the fight to Halloween.

Those are just a few of our favorites this year, and if anymore blow our mind, we’ll be sure to give them a nod of appreciation.