Viral TikTok ‘exposes’ Hype House’s Olivia Ponton’s “fake” relationship

Instagram: Olivia Ponton

A viral TikTok by TikTok user Hannah Kosh seems to suggest that Olivia Ponton’s relationship with Kaila Novak is “all for views” – and it looks like she has receipts, too.

In the TikTok, which has already amassed over 800k views in the 15 hours it’s been live, Kosh claims that Kaila is involved with another girl, Rilie Hardister. Hannah points out that Rilie recently commented on Ponton’s most recent TikTok of herself and Novak, saying: “That wasn’t very ‘everything for views’ of you Kaila.” Kosh also showed evidence that Rilie and Novak know each other, including a screenshot of the two on FaceTime.

Although the comment appears to have now been deleted, Hannah claimed that there was a good reason behind the comment, saying that there is an alleged deal between Olivia and Kaila where the two would pretend to date online, with Olivia promising to get Novak’s sister into modeling in return.

Backing up these claims, Hannah showed viewers apparent text conversations between Kaila and Rilie. In one text conversation, Kaila appears to tell Rilie that she “need[s] to know that what you’re seeing on the internet just isn’t real.”

Another text read: “Every single thing is for views, every word and comment is carefully planned out to get some kind of reaction. I’m doing this all for my sister.”

The screenshots also suggest that Ponton is aware of Rilie’s connection to Kaila, with the latter appearing to tell Hardister that Olivia had taken her phone and blocked Rilie on it.  Although Kosh never revealed her source for this video, it seems likely that if the leaked text messages are real, they may have come from Rilie.

TikTok users had mixed reactions to the claims. Some fans believe claims that the relationship is fake, with one pointing out that “Kai never posts about Liv.” Another fan suggested that Olivia may have faked the relationship in order to win over fans, saying: “I knew Olivia was doing it to stop the hate because everyone was mad at her for coming out as a prank so she got a girlfriend so she could say it was true.”

However, others suggested that Olivia might be a victim in the situation too, with one fan saying: “This is sketchy. Sounds like she [Kai] is playing both of them.” Another asked: “If it was just some ‘deal’ why would Liv care enough to block the Rilie girl?”

Olivia originally caused speculation about her sexuality in March, when she posted a video lip-syncing to the lyrics: “I am not gay, well first of all ehhh, but let’s be precise/ Cause if she’s pretty then watch it ’cause I’m gonna be f***ing your wife.” With this song being used by a lot of LGBTQ+ people on the app, this led to a lot of people speculating that Ponton was bisexual.

This was also around the time she started interacting with Ky on social media, with Olivia posting a video montage of her for her birthday before later posting a TikTok of the two kissing through face masks, effectively confirming their relationship.

Last year, Ponton caused backlash among fans after taking part in an April Fool’s challenge along with other TikTokers like Zachary Smith and Ivan Martinez. The challenge involved lip-syncing to’s “Boy’s and Girls” to “come out” as queer. Although it seems that she has since come out for real, rumors about the legitimacy of her relationship with Ky is bound to raise questions again.